COVID-19 Coaching Program <> Crisis Ready Institute

Limited time opportunity.

Gain real-time access to experts and coaches, and tap into a community of support and knowledge to help guide you and your team through the management of these unprecedented circumstances.

This Coaching Program is dedicated to supporting you and your organization as you manage and mitigate the impacts that COVID-19 presents. As with everything, this crisis shall pass and when it does, we want you to have suffered the least amount of disruption and material long-term impact on your business's operations, reputation and bottom line as possible.

Through this Coaching Program, you will gain daily, live group access to crisis management experts, including our founder, Melissa Agnes.

During these sessions:

  • We discuss emerging developments and their impacts on your business—and how to mitigate against them.
  • We evaluate and provide best practice strategies of approach and response for you to implement.
  • We answer your questions and concerns, in real-time.
  • You gain the ability to tap into a community of support that includes access to exclusive resources, diversified experiences and expertise, emotional support (you aren’t going at this alone), and more.

You will also be provided with the recordings of each session, in case you can't make it live.

These Coaching Sessions take place every day at 1pm eastern, via Zoom.

Programs like these normally start at $25,000, but these are not "normal" times. Throughout the management of the COVID-19 crisis, the Crisis Ready Institute believes that we all need to come together to support each other and manage this global crisis together. For this reason, we're happy to be offering this opportunity to you at an investment of $2,500/month. All you have to do next is fill in the form below and then join in as early as tomorrow's session! (Session details to be provided upon registration.)